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Hi, I'm Parker

And I'm an addict...

That's right, I'm an addict.

It started small, with just a little taste to tweak my mind a bit. But now, it has taken over my whole life. It affects my work, my relationships, everything. I don't know who I'd be without it. My drug of choice is rare, and it goes by many street names, but if you can get your hands on it, I promise you'll never have anything like it. One hit and you'll be on a high that lasts a lifetime. And it's a high that keeps getting better and better. That's because my drug is an idea. It's the idea that YOU are the CREATOR of EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. No, for real, EVERYTHING. You have the power, the ability, damn it the HONOR to design (and enjoy) the most ideal life you can imagine.

So, I'm here to make designers out of you.

You're going to be the designer of what you (and only you) would consider your happiest, healthiest, and richest life. I've done the work of acquiring the tools you need to make a masterpiece. Now you just need to dream and sculpt and tinker (and dream some more). It will NOT be easy. You won't be coasting

your way through life anymore. But with a little time and a lot of intention, you, your family, and everyone you touch will be enjoying the beautiful life you've created for many lifetimes to come. 


How am I qualified to be your design instructor?

Because when it comes to lifestyle design, I've lived many lives, from middle class to food stamps, doctor to nanny, vegan to snobivore* (read the blog and you'll know what this means). I've experimented with van life and nomadism, tiny house living and minimalism, meditation and Buddhism (let's be honest, I've basically tried out all the -isms). Some of this "research" was because I, like you, have been in dire times. I've been lost, too, searching for answers and floundering to find direction. And through it all, I've been an addict, addicted to the idea that I AM IN CONTROL. I am a CREATOR, and so are YOU. My mission is to get you hooked on this idea/drug we call lifestyle design. But take caution, because once you enter the Getting Gooder portal, it's only up from here. You'll never go back to the life you used to have.


If I'm on my computer, I'm usually creating content and not checking emails and social media. But, I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. If you have an idea, you can connect with me on FacebookInstagram, or email (hewesparker @ gmail dot com)

Or call/text me at (two six two)three three nine - one eight zero six

PRESS: If you are a member of the press and need a quote put PRESS in the subject line of your email.

Parker Hewes, P.O. Box 711952, Salt Lake City, UT 84171

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